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STARmed America is bringing STARmed Thermal Ablation technology closer to our physicians in North America. Explore our new website to find out more.

STARmed America

star RF Electrode

The first thyroid specific radiofrequency electrode

star RF Electrode

The Most Versatile Electrode on the Market

The monopolar star RF Electrode is the very first electrode on the market designed to target a variety of indications in multiple body systems such as thyroid, uterine fibroid, liver, kidney etc.

It offers the largest selection of electrode gauge, shaft length, and active tip length to provide uncompromised treatment for a variety of indications, making a difference between a challenging procedure and an efficient one.

A design with your need in mind

Ergonomically improved, light-weight handle facilitates smooth action and easy maneuverability for precision control. Built-in internal cooling system maximizes ablative tissue margin while minimizing tissue charring.

Uncompromised Treatment

Our star RF electrodes come in 6 active tip lengths, 3 gauge sizes, and 6 shaft lengths to promote well-controlled, predictable, and safe ablative procedures for a variety of body systems.

Scalpel-Sharp Technology

Scalpel-sharp trocar tip features smooth tissue puncturability without the need of an incision

Smart Shaft Design

Enhanced shaft metal coating increases echogenicity on ultrasound views for precise lesion targeting.

Clear measured shaft markings enable easy estimation of penetration depth into the nodule