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STARmed America

Our passion is caring for a better life

Taewoong Medical Co., Ltd, was founded in 1991 and obtained CE approval for Niti-S™ brand products with excellence through product quality and technical expertise.

We started business abroad with continuous growth and managed to obtain product qualification certificates in Japan, USA, China, Canada, Russia, and other countries. We continue to expand and currently export to more than 79 countries.

As a leading medical company, we manufacture a vast range of medical equipment with our own unique designs; mainly gastrointestinal medical metallic stents, urology stents, RFA treatment and a variety of accessories.

Our objective is to maintain high levels of innovation, knowledge, and technical expertise to provide solutions for patient’s comfort. In addition, we are continuously expanding into new businesses and high-growth adjacent markets to reach out to more patients around the world.

We will always continue to deliver our values and invest our passion for the greater benefit of all patients.

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TaeWoong Medical USA History

Observing the need in the patient community for a new stent design that provides more comfort, TaeWoong Medical Co., Ltd. was founded in 1991.

Within 8 years, TaeWoong Medical Co., Ltd. has established itself as an incorporated company, qualified as a manufacturer of medical devices and permitted to manufacture medical apparatus and Niti-S™ Stents.

In 2000, TaeWoong Medical was selected as a venture company for excellent technology development from various organizations and acquired CE certification of Niti-S™ COMVI, embarking on a new journey of expansion around the globe.

Message from our CEO

Significant change during the global pandemic has stress-tested many organizations, including ours, both on the principles underpinning corporate sustainability and our execution in a time of deep uncertainty. This period has highlighted reliance on our deeply held corporate values, robust operating processes, and enduring commitment to customers, employees, and communities.

In our earliest days, we built a framework to articulate the value we bring to the multiple stakeholders we serve, from customers to employees, suppliers, our communities and our shareholders. This forms the foundation of our culture and informs our decision-making, priorities, and actions.