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STARmed America is bringing STARmed Thermal Ablation technology closer to our physicians in North America. Explore our new website to find out more.

STARmed America


VetSarang is a dedicated products brand for “Companion Animals”. Based on our company spirit as a “Life Connector”, we do care about the quality of life, not only of humans but also of companion animals. 

As a leading medical company, we manufacture a vast range of medical equipment of our own unique designs: mainly gastrointestinal stents, accessories, and urology stents.  Our objective is to maintain high levels of innovation, knowledge, and technical expertise to provide solutions for the patient’s comfort. In addition, we are continuously expanding into new businesses and high-growth adjacent markets to reach out to more patients around the world.

Dedicated Products

for Companion Animals


Our focus area for veterinary medicine is interventional medical devices. For quality of life, we endeavor to develop less invasive methods and devices, and this will result in high satisfaction, not only for veterinarians but also for pet owners too.

VetSarang D Stent 

VetSarang D stent is a self-expandable metallic stent for intraluminal stenting. With wide spec, it can be used for various indications for stricture resolution.  

The main focus is to treat “Tracheal Collapse”. This intraluminal tracheal stenting provides a minimally invasive, non-surgical method for the treatment of a narrow or obstructed tracheal lumen. Tracheal stenting can be used for the treatment of tracheal stricture, tumors, and collapse.

Training and Education Support

Training and education are the best way to ensure optimal outcomes for patients who need our products. We run various types of training tools. We do online and offline training activities and real-time technical support as well.