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G.I. Stent

Taewoong Medical Co. Ltd. was founded in 1991 and obtained CE approval for the excellence of Niti-S™ brand products through product quality and technical expertise.

We started business and experienced continuous growth and successfully obtained product qualification certificates in Japan, USA, China, Canada, Russia, and other countries. We continue to expand and currently export to more than 70 countries.

Delivering First-in-Class products with our patients in mind

With patient outcomes in mind, our innovative products allow physicians to perform simple and complex procedures. Pioneers of the TTS, “through the scope” technology, the Niti-S™ Esophageal TTS Stent is the only choice for treatment of esophageal strictures.* View analysis and evidence of the potential clinical, economic, and successful patient outcomes of utilizing this first in class technology.

*Indication for Use The Esophageal TTS Stent is intended for use in esophageal strictures caused by intrinsic and/or extrinsic malignant tumors.

Versatility with the Niti-S™ Esophageal TTS Stent

For physicians, the Niti-S™ Esophageal TTS Stent offers a variety of ways to treat patients. A 10.5FR catheter along with varying stent lengths and diameters ensures no clinical situation is too big or small. The yellow endoscopic marker allows for direct visualization. Our simple “one to one” deployment system allows for smooth delivery and accurate placement.

Niti-S™ Biliary D Stent

Indicated for malignant biliary strictures. Featuring an unfixed cell design, the Niti-S™ Biliary D Stent offers minimal foreshortening and accurate positioning. The optimal combination of radial and axial force allows for luminal patency in tortuous anatomy. Radiopaque markers at both ends* and in the middle* stent provide enhanced fluoroscopic visualization for accurate placement.

*Three radiopaque markers at each stent end and two in the middle.

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