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STARmed America

ELRA™ Endobiliary RFA

Enabling minimally invasive approach with reliable performance

ELRA™ Endobiliary RFA

ELRA is an endoscopic bipolar RFA Electrode used to safely ablate tissue in the common bile duct under a proprietary temperature Control System. Offering multiple sizes (11mm, 18mm, 22mm, and 33mm), ELRA provides options based on the location of treatment in the biliary tree. The 7FR catheter and conical tip allows for easy navigation through difficult anatomy.

Ideal Ablation Temperature

Temperature Sensing

Combined with the VIVA™ Combo generator, ELRA™ offers real time feedback via impedance monitoring and temperature control. Intuitive technology allows the ELRA™ to “sense” the temperature and shut off automatically once a proper ablation has been achieved or improper contact is made.