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STARmed America is bringing STARmed Thermal Ablation technology closer to our physicians in North America. Explore our new website to find out more.

STARmed America


Enabling minimally invasive approach with reliable performance


EUSRA RF Electrode is a 19G RFA needle used for EUS-Guided ablation of soft tissue lesions. The 19G RFA needle offers the ability to directly treat a variety of patients who are non-surgical candidates. Offering sizes in 5mm, 7mm or 10mm, EUSRA allows physicians options based on the size of the lesion. Our water cooling system and needle insulation ensures direct treatment only takes place in the desired area.

Easy to Use All-In-One System

EUSRA offers safe ablative treatment for soft issue with a focused application of controlled energy to reduce procedural steps and time of RFA treatment.

Insulated Inner Sheath

With an adjustable deploy length up to 8 cm, the insulated sheath ensures the ablation occurs safely at the tip of the EUSRA™ needle for focused and controlled ablation.