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Niti-S™ Biliary D Stent

Enabling minimally invasive approach with reliable performance

Niti-S™ Biliary D Stent

Niti-S™ Biliary D Stent

Indicated for malignant biliary strictures. Featuring an unfixed cell design, the Niti-S Biliary D Stent offers minimal foreshortening and accurate positioning. The optimal combination of radial and axial force allows for luminal patency in tortuous anatomy. Radiopaque markers at both ends* and in the middle* stent provides enhanced fluoroscopic visualization for accurate placement.

*Three radiopaque markers at each stent end and two in the middle.

Unfixed Cells with Weaving Construction

Unfixed cells resemble a “chain link fence” allowing the ability for the Niti-S™ D Biliary stent to retain its shape.
Niti-S™ D Biliary Stent