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Niti-S™ Esophageal OTW Stent

Enabling minimally invasive approach with reliable performance

Niti-S™ Esophageal OTW Stent

Niti-S™ Esophageal Stent: Options for any situation

The Niti-S™ Esophageal OTW Stent provides a variety of diameters (16mm, 18mm, 20mm), lengths (up to 15cm) and large flanges (up 28mm). Combined with a traditional “push/pull” deployment system, the Niti-S Esophageal OTW Stent offers the flexibility and variety you need to manage all your stenting needs

Large Flanges with Rounded Crowns

The Niti-S™ OTW offers flanges that are 8mm larger than the body. The silicone covering and soft round crowns potentially reduce tissue ingrowth and hyperplasia reaction.
OTW Esophageal Stent