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VIVA II RF Electrode

The first RF electrode with adjustable active tip length

VIVA II RF Electrode

The First Electrode with Adjustable Active Tip Length

The monopolar VIVA II and its predecessor VIVA RF Electrode are the very first electrodes on the market featuring an adjustable active tip length to achieve a sustained volume reduction in large vascular nodules with the use of a single electrode.

It offers a wide range of sizes to target multiple body systems with precise and reliable performance.

Flexibility enabled by the adjustable active tip length

Most cases of tumor regrowth occur as a result of insufficiently ablated tumor margins. The adjustability of VIVA II enables higher energy delivery with the bigger tip in the central portion of the tumors as well as lower energy, precision-controlled smaller ablations around the periphery, completing the RFA procedure with a single electrode.

Method of Action in a Thyroid Nodule

Ergonomically Upgraded Slider

The active tip can easily be adjusted by sliding the button on the handle,  from 5 to 30 mm, in 5 mm increments.

With enhanced visibility of the level markings, tip length adjustment is made easy for you during the procedure.

Small, Lightweight Handle

The VIVA II handle is light and small for better precision-control along with comfortable grip to enable a safe and efficient treatment process.

Scalpel-Sharp Technology

Scalpel-sharp trocar tip features smooth tissue puncturability without the need of an incision

Integrated Tubing System

Convenient tubing system design is added to the VIVA II with Clear-up clips to simplify tubing organization and procedure management.