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STARmed America

STARmed Thyroid RFA

When a patient is treated using RFA instead of surgery the optimal result over time shall be guaranteed...together with the low frequency of complications recorded in these studies, represents high-level evidence which allows us to consider a non-surgical thermal treatment as a real alternative to surgery

STARmed Thyroid RFA is a minimally invasive alternative to surgery

STARmed Thyroid RFA is the new future

At TaeWoong Medical USA, we believe in patient-centric innovations that bring the best care to our patients.

STARmed Thyroid Radiofrequency Ablation advances minimally invasive care for your patients supported by a selection of ablation zone sizes with precisely controlled energy, offering you a safe and reliable alternative to traditional thyroid therapies.

Benefits proven by science

With more than 200 clinical publications and multiple generations of our minimally invasive technology, STARmed Thyroid RFA is increasingly viewed as the preferred option for many Endocrine Surgeons, Endocrinologists, and Interventional Radiologists. Since 1994, more than 1 million STARmed minimally invasive procedures have been performed worldwide.

Education to extend your practice

With U.S. Thyroid RFA Training Program education, you can access procedure training and peer-to-peer instruction today and throughout your career. We are committed to providing impactful programs and experiences so that you can become a STARmed Thyroid RFA specialist with first-class trainings from industry experts. 

Clinically proven solution

Supported by its state-of-the-art VIVA combo Generator and first-of-its-kind thyroid dedicated star RF Electrode,  STARmed Thyroid RFA system delivers predictable, well-controlled, and consistent radiofrequency energy only to the areas of desire. 

Services and support that make a difference

At TaeWoong Medical USA, we are proud to serve you with one of the finest service programs, backing every product with our award-winning support.

We can help streamline your practice from the procedural aspects to business intricacies with our clinical reps and marketing experts on the help 24×7. 

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