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STARmed America

VIVA Combo RF Generator System

Enabling minimally invasive approach with reliable performance

VIVA Combo RF Generator System

Patient-Centric Innovation

For over 20 years, STARmed RFA has pioneered new capabilities in minimally invasive procedures, transforming the field of alternative treatment. 

The VIVA combo RF Generator enables an advanced radiofrequency ablation system, ideal for percutaneous ultrasound-guided and endoscopic ultrasound-guided radiofrequency procedures for a variety of organ indications. It operates at a wide power range from 5 – 200 Watts, suitable for smaller tumors in the thyroid or parathyroid as well as biliary, pancreatic, liver, lung, kidney, uterine fibroid and bone tumors of varying sizes and compositions.  

Intuitive User Interface

Easy-to-read front panel to allow real-time monitoring of the procedure progress. Simple-to-use power dial and push buttons to minimize user operational hurdles.

Continuance Mode

The Continuance Mode supports the “moving-shot” technique to generate radiofrequency power continuously throughout the procedure at the wattage value set by the user. 

Smart impedance-based mechanism automatically adjusts the amount of energy applied to the targeted structure according to the real-time impedance feedback to ensure procedure safety and minimize undesired tissue over-ablation.

Impedance Monitoring System

Continuous, real-time feedback on the impedance of the soft tissue to guide your ablation, allowing consistent and predictable ablation zones.

Audible alert tones and automatic shutoff of power output to prevent over ablation and undesired neighboring tissue damage, ensuring a safe procedure process.


The VIVA pump features an internal cooling system that circulates saline through the electrode to lower the temperature around the active tip of the electrode. 

It supports the Continuance Mode in thyroid radiofrequency ablation to achieve maximum ablative margin while minimizes thermal injury to the adjacent structures to promote safety and efficacy for Thyroid RFA procedures.

Order number VCS10
RF Power 0-200 Watt at 50Ω load
Operating Frenquency 480 kHz
Temperature Monitor 5°C-95°C
Impedance Monitor 10-800Ω